Create your company

After you create your account, you’ll create a company in Nuvio. You can think of a company as a replica of your business in Nuvio. You can have more than one company, but, in general, you won’t share information across companies.

Create your account and company

After you create your account, you’ll follow the on-screen steps to create a company.

  • Company Name: Fill your company's name here. This does not need to be your company's legal name. Feel free to enter just your brand's name.

  • Company Short Link: Fill your company link here. It should be all lowercase, no space between letters, and do not use any special characters. (If your company name is Tesla Inc. you can enter "tesla" or tesla-inc" here) We will create a URL that will help you to navigate to your company page in Nuvio easily if you have more than one company.

  • Country: Select your operating country here. If your company operates in more than one country, you can select the headquarter country that you would like to be billed in.

  • Functional Currency: Nuvio operates with more than 20 currencies. Select your main currency here. This currency will be used for reporting purposes and all your income, expenses and financial information will be converted to this currency during any analysis.

If you already started using Nuvio and have financial data, it is currently not possible to change your functional currency later. Please make sure that this currency is the main currency that you would like to get your financial reports.

When you create a company in Nuvio, you’re considered a Company Owner. This role gives you the right to add other users to your company and determine their roles within your company.

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