Manually create a new income

What is an income?

An income in Nuvio is considered as all sorts of revenue generating activities including product or service sales or gained interests etc. If your business earned money from an activity, you can record it as an income in Nuvio.

After you create an income, you can always turn that income into an invoice to your customers.

Useful Tips: After you create an income, you can always turn that income into an invoice to your customers.

Creating an income on Nuvio

  1. There are 2 ways to create a new income on Nuvio. First option is located on our top header on every page, you will see a "+" sign button. This is our shortcut button to create new items in Nuvio. Just click "+" sign and select "Add New Income" and you will be redirected to new income page. The second option is, open Left Navigation menu, and go Income -> Add New Income options to create a new income.

  1. Once you hit the "Add New Income" button, you see a page that asks for the income details.

  1. Fill the fields explained below:

    • Description: This field is for you to reference this income later in your income list. It's a basic explanation for you to remind what was this income for. Feel free to type anything here.

    • Tag: Tagging is an easy way to categorize your income for further analysis. Create new tags (categories) and select those tags here.

    • Invoice Date: Select the date that you want to save this invoice for. This could be a previous or upcoming date based on your income. You can always create an income for the future date, especially useful for installment based incomes.

    • Sold items: Select the product/service you sold, enter the unit price into the Net Amount field, select quantity and corresponding taxes and Nuvio will automatically calculate the Total Amount for that line item. You can add a new line item by clicking "Add New Row" button. All the line items will be summed in Total row.

    • Invoice Attachment: If you created this invoice in another tool, you can attach your invoice image by browsing your computer or by a simple drag-drop. If you plan to generate the invoice here, do not attach any image, because it will be overwritten once you create your invoice on Nuvio.

  2. After filling all the information, click "Save" to record your income.

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