Bulk import incomes

Whether you are switching to Nuvio from another tool, or you store your financials in excel files, you can bulk import them into Nuvio. Here's how:

When you import incomes to Nuvio, your customers and products related with those incomes should be added to Nuvio beforehand import operation. Please make sure all your Customers and Products / Services on the bulk import excel file are already on Nuvio first.

  1. On the left menu, click Income page. Then on the top-right corner of the Income page, click Import/Export button and select Import with Excel.

  2. On the Import with Excel popup screen, Download the template excel file that is created for your company.

  3. Open the Template file with Excel or Google Sheets and copy-paste your incomes into the Nuvio's template file. Please make sure all the field names and orders stays as it is on the Template excel file and do not change them. Here are the field descriptions on the excel file:

    • Invoice ID: Fill your invoice number or ID here. If you write the same ID in more than 1 row in excel file, Nuvio will consider them as the same invoice's different line items and merge them automatically during import process. This is useful when you have revenue for more than one product / service in the same invoice.

    • Invoice Date: Fill your invoice issue date here. Make sure the date format is in YYYY-MM-DD.

    • Due Date: Fill your invoice payment due date here. Make sure the date format is in YYYY-MM-DD.

    • Currency: Fill the invoice currency here. This field accepts 3-letter currency names as listed on our currencies page.

    • Exchange Rate: This field is only required when you enter a different currency than your functional currency on Nuvio. Ex: When your functional currency setup in USD and your invoice is in EUR please fill the USD/EUR conversion rate here.

    • Customer: Fill your customer's name here. Make sure that this name matches with your customer's Visible Name field on Nuvio (not the Legal Name)

    • Product / Service: Fill your product or service's name here. Make sure that this name matches with your product's / service's name on Nuvio.

    • Net Amount: Fill this field with the result of the Unit Price * Quantity value for that specific product here.

    • Project: If this invoice relates with a Project on Nuvio, fill your project's name here. Make sure that this name matches with your project's name on Nuvio.

    • Payment Account: If the imported invoice has already been paid, fill Payment Account, Payment Date and Payment Amount fields. Payment Account should match the Bank Account name on Nuvio.

    • Payment Date: Fill your payment date here. Make sure the date format is in YYYY-MM-DD.

    • Payment Amount: Fill your paid amount here. If this amount matches the total amount on the invoice, it will be automatically marked as paid.

    • Taxes: Rest of the excel template contains several columns corresponding your active taxes on Nuvio. If this income has any of those taxes, type "Yes" on the corresponding tax column. Nuvio will calculate the tax amount automatically.

  1. After you create your excel file, you are ready to upload them into the Nuvio. On the Import with Excel popup, click to the Browse section or drag your file and drop on to this section to upload it. After upload is completed click to the Import button and all your income will be imported into the Nuvio shortly.

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