Switch to Nuvio without losing data

We know it's hard to switch to a different financial management / accounting platform. That's why we work on this hard to make things easier for you to switch to Nuvio.

If you manage your business finances in other tools or spreadsheets, there is a fast and easy way to start with Nuvio with all your previous financial data.

Nuvio offers bulk imports for all critical information like income, expenses, customers, suppliers, products and services, and projects. In order to bulk import your income and expenses, please make sure that your customers, suppliers, products and projects are also imported beforehand. We automatically match your customers, suppliers, products and projects in your excel file while importing them into the Nuvio.

Below are the guides for importing financial data into the Nuvio. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at help@nuvio.io. We are always here to help you to make a smooth switch.

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